Day Six of rehab, fifty-nine years old and hopeful

  This picture shows exactly the status of things.  One can see the barbed wire of nature (wild grape vine) that mysteriously appeared on my front lawn just the other day, brought by our canine wonder, Ali.  It is sitting on top of the icy snow.  She had gotten frustrated at the fact that sheContinue reading “Day Six of rehab, fifty-nine years old and hopeful”

Day Four, Detox/Rehab, one day at a time…addendum

As usual, my whirring mind was going non-stop as I baked the final batch of cookies.  Meditation was at work as I rolled the sticky balls of molasses cookies and coated them with red or green sugar before baking. I have said before that things happen for a reason and I firmly believe that.  ItContinue reading “Day Four, Detox/Rehab, one day at a time…addendum”

Fluffy, boy wonder!

As a parent there are things one must learn to say to the children regarding issues that appear on a day to day basis.  I was always hell bent on making sure that my boys didn’t suffer the way I had as a kid, I really felt that they should benefit from my own suffering.Continue reading “Fluffy, boy wonder!”

Bud and Gladys and Eagle River

  Each year, we send out fewer and fewer Christmas cards.  One we always have sent out with great joy is to our favorite North Woods people:  Bud (who departed this world in 2004) and Gladys.  Just after Thanksgiving, I sent out the cards.  The other day, however, I received a sad Christmas card fromContinue reading “Bud and Gladys and Eagle River”

Another kind of Loss and Regrets

  I have been a very blessed human being in so many ways.  I was genetically predisposed to so many little bits of negativity.  I sometimes think that it is in the often sad Hungarian blood that courses through my veins.  It is a sadness borne out in the violin music typical of my heritage. Continue reading “Another kind of Loss and Regrets”

My supposed Midlife Crisis

  I was on the treadmill at the gym and for some reason thoughts of my car came to mind.  I don’t know why. My car is pretty cool, very cool, when you consider who I am and the cars that I have driven in my lifetime.  Teaching in an affluent school is fun, especiallyContinue reading “My supposed Midlife Crisis”

Happy Feet and Le Petit Prince

As I am watching bits and pieces of the movie Happy Feet, I cannot help but think of some similarities between it and Le Petit Prince. Not that they are the same, but I find that both are multi-level works.  Each has a decidedly “children” look to it but yet has other levels that areContinue reading “Happy Feet and Le Petit Prince”

Thoughts from a Thanksgiving morn…

  It is a bit after 7 am on Thanksgiving morn. I have done the duty I have for some twenty-six years now (without a break), the ritual preparation of the family turkey. I woke up, without wanting to, at 5 am and got up and started the massive task of getting the bird stuffedContinue reading “Thoughts from a Thanksgiving morn…”