Sunday Frustrations

Yesterday, my oldest and I went over some things on the new blog page and got a bunch of things accomplished.  Included among them was the change in the header’s picture to one I took in France in Auvers-sur-Oise in 1998 and a change from the Blog theme, which was malfunctioning, to a simpler one. Continue reading “Sunday Frustrations”


It is February and with the realization of that (I guess I might have had things on my mind) comes the reminder as I sit sipping my coffee that the snow mounds outside are still shoulder height with me (I am 5’ 10”) and the ice floes on the roof are thick.  The only thingContinue reading “February!”

Dinner of pasta, meat sauce, hot and regular Italian sausage, and heirloom tomatoes

  Tonight we had a delicious dinner Michael had been preparing since yesterday.  He made a delicious tomato meat sauce, added two kinds of Italian sausage (hot and regular), made some delicious heirloom tomatoes to go on top and served it with a fresh salad and garlic bread.  Délicieux!  

Missing boots and Parmesan paranoia

This is not easy for me but I just have to do it. I have been complaining for weeks about my missing boots. Now that we have massive snow, I have been in serious need of boots for my feet. Here I am complaining about the Imelda wannabe I live with and her collection ofContinue reading “Missing boots and Parmesan paranoia”

Ali, the border (disorder) collie at work, continued

  Ali spends almost all of her day at her “perch” of sorts by the window that, as Mary Kay says, we had built for her.  She deems it her job to watch and protect our house and it is from this vantage point that she performs her daily task.  If we don’t raise theContinue reading “Ali, the border (disorder) collie at work, continued”

Ali, the border (disorder) collie at work

It is freezing cold this morning and the experts are worried that it shall be dangerous.  It is about twelve degrees Fahrenheit and the wind chill factor is supposed to exacerbate even that.  I do remember the actual fifteen below degrees and more when the boys were born back in the eighties.  Now that wasContinue reading “Ali, the border (disorder) collie at work”

iPods, iCicles, and iWeber Grills?

Okay, so I did get into a little mischief.  I straightened up! While doing so I grabbed lunch and took few pictures outside.  We rarely have icicles and I would like to think it is because the roof is nicely insulated. We do have a few icicles today.  We even have them on the WeberContinue reading “iPods, iCicles, and iWeber Grills?”