Go Big or Go Home!

Our family has always had some basic tenets that we all adhere to, in what we deem, a major way.

We are very communicative, almost to the point of exhaustion.  We have been known to be pick each other apart when the need arises, sometimes so that one of us just understands the other, sometimes as a reality check. 

We are type “A.”

Research of what we are doing is of the essence.

Energy level is always high and coupled with enthusiasm.

We can be emotional.  If we are angry, you will know it.  Our bursts of anger are generally sharp, sometimes explosive, and short lived.  We get things off our chests, if you know what I mean.

Nothing is shoved under the rug.  We feel that is inappropriate and unhealthy.

Angry with the spouse?  Going to sleep without discussion is “verboten!” (I know, I tried, I failed! LOL!)

We can be reserved.  We are, however, talkative, even when we don’t admit to it.

Go Big or Go Home!  This is the Koerner Motto; its origin is unclear to me.  I do believe that it was synthesized by the boys at some time, putting together all of our family traits, ideals, and goals.  If we are going to do a job, we put in all of our energy and enthusiasm and we get it done.  We do it to the best of our ability.  We spare no cost.  If we are using anything that must be purchased to complete what we are doing, we purchase the highest quality, and best recommended material available.

Finally, to keep the Koerners working at optimum level, this expression must be kept in mind, “Carbohydrates low, tempers high.”  Koerners have been known to be very hard to deal with when hungry.