At 5:30 AM, I literally sat up straight in bed.  I knew that there was no sleep to be had.  As I shuffled around the bedroom, MK asked me why I was up.  I responded, “Because I am awake.”  My internal alarm had gone off for some reason.  When it goes off, I heedContinue reading “Awake”

The blizzard arrives!

I went out somewhere around one o’clock or so to check on the grandmothers at Rosewood Nursing home. My mom was, as usual, the last one at the table, having barely touched her food. That is not unusual and the fact that she moves so little these days allows her diet to be limited inContinue reading “The blizzard arrives!”

Nana and the hospital, a love story

  Nana is still in the hospital several days after her fall and subsequent delivery to the ER.  Although they cannot find anything physically wrong with her, she is still complaining of intense pain.  They have checked their scans and cannot come up with anything more than some issues with her back, but Nana isContinue reading “Nana and the hospital, a love story”

What is happening? Day Two!

Yesterday was a bit insane.  We were in no rush to get to the hospital, given the history MK’s mom has and after having spoken to the nurse’s station in the ER.  In fact, they asked that we come in later.  I didn’t actually go, Mike and MK did, and they found a quite happyContinue reading “What is happening? Day Two!”

What is happening?

Got up in my pretty usual mode of being totally awake and unable to stay in bed, so, I did the right thing, I got up. After brushing my teeth and such, I went downstairs, started the coffee process, and then went into the family room to check on the progress of the upgrading ofContinue reading “What is happening?”

Now I am worried…

It is almost five in the afternoon, it is about as dark as the picture I took this morning in the back yard.  MK has been working all day getting ready for a family dinner, otherwise known as Ribfest. I am concerned.  Something just occurred to me.  I have spent the entire day in theContinue reading “Now I am worried…”

Une lettre à nos amis français

  Mes chers amis, Ici tout va bien et il faut certainement me pardonner le retard en répondant à votre message.  Chez les Koerner il y avait pas mal de choses arrivées pendant la saison de Noël.  D’abord je dois commencer avec les nouvelles que l’entreprise Koerner, Koerner Enterprises n’est plus.  A mon avis, nousContinue reading “Une lettre à nos amis français”

Cherchant le calme près de la cheminée

  Searching for calm by the fire is my title for the day. It is about eight o’clock as I sit and sip my eight o’clock freshly brewed coffee and sit in the old armchair next to the fire.  I am, once again, searching for calm.  It is day seven of Daddy Boot Camp. IContinue reading “Cherchant le calme près de la cheminée”

Happy New Year, Day Twelve of rehab, life goes on…

It is about 7:45 am in the morning on New Year’s Day and I am unfortunately awake.  Unfortunately because I should frankly be in bed but given the genetics inherited from my dad, I woke up early with the sensation of a headache due to my metabolism, so I got up and grabbed a cupContinue reading “Happy New Year, Day Twelve of rehab, life goes on…”