Tuesday, what more can I say?

It is almost noon and I must face facts, I am lazy today.  I told MK and Mike this morning at breakfast, before heading out to the gym that I was having a “Rich Day.”  Mary Kay laughed and said that a “Rich Day” is nothing more than a day I spend in running aroundContinue reading “Tuesday, what more can I say?”

Samantha after her nap

Once Samantha got up from her nap, what is the first thing that comes out of her mouth after we changed her diaper?  “Buzz!” We came downstairs; she spied Buzz where she had left him before her nap, in the baby stroller.  She grabbed him and sat down with him. She is pushing his buttonsContinue reading “Samantha after her nap”

Samantha, imagining and hiding

Samantha has found a new hero of late, Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story.  Today, she found it among the toys we have saved from twenty to thirty years ago, and even not so far back, because I am guessing that Buzz is younger. Samantha is really into hiding.  So we put up a tablecloth andContinue reading “Samantha, imagining and hiding”

Samantha, her tasks, her safety measures

Samantha arrived around 8:30 or so as her parents dropped her off and then went skiing with Mikey in southern Wisconsin.  Richie is plowing as we are getting more snow than they had promised. Before we settled into some good “num nums,” Samantha and I had some tasks to do.  She is truly a wonderfulContinue reading “Samantha, her tasks, her safety measures”

Samantha and the iPad

Samantha is no stranger to technology and that certainly is normal for a child growing up in this world. Mary Kay noted this information from The Week magazine recently. To recap what she put on her Facebook page, she said that twenty percent of the two to five year olds can do smart phone applications. Continue reading “Samantha and the iPad”

Back in Illinois

The plaque over our back door reads: “Que Dieu bénisse notre maison et ceux qui en franchissent le seuil.” God bless our house and everyone who enters it. Got up about eight in the morning. Slept like a log. Been doing wash to clean ‘California’ out of Mikey’s clothing! We have pretty much put everythingContinue reading “Back in Illinois”

What is happening? Day Two!

Yesterday was a bit insane.  We were in no rush to get to the hospital, given the history MK’s mom has and after having spoken to the nurse’s station in the ER.  In fact, they asked that we come in later.  I didn’t actually go, Mike and MK did, and they found a quite happyContinue reading “What is happening? Day Two!”

Some might be wondering…

Some might be wondering what is going on in the Koerner household.  Today was jam packed as I flew out the door to go to the gym right after seven this morning, looking to gain sustenance to get through the day. I returned home to find Samantha already raring to go.  After some coffee withContinue reading “Some might be wondering…”