My all time favorite photograph I have taken

Billy, ready to take on the world!


In my quest to connect with my father, I adopted one of his avocations, photography.  I must admit that I shall never have the expertise that he did, nor will I ever be as capable as he was with a camera.  I only wonder what might have been had he ever been able to get a hold of some of the cameras I have held in my hands.

I started out taking pictures with an old 35mm Kodak camera he had had as his last camera.  I took it to Europe, and despite my lack of knowledge of proper photography methods, managed to do relatively well. 

My first real camera was bought somewhat later, I am guessing on or about 1973 or so, a Minolta.  With it, I took this picture, which has been my all time favorite photograph I have ever taken.  It was taken in Cleveland on Biddulph.  The subject was my nephew.  I caught him at the end of the day, a bit tired, a bit facially smudged from hard play, but with a seriousness of purpose that still gets me to this day.

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