Ground Zero and Religion

Politics is a necessary evil, or so I am told.  Nevertheless, I am not a big fan.  I find that although it may well be necessary, that it often clouds vision to the point that some good things just don’t happen. In my high school teaching career, although for the most part, the stars wereContinue reading “Ground Zero and Religion”

Christmas cookies chez Koerner

  One of my sons caught me and his brother at the local Home Depot to pick up our Fraser Fir Christmas tree.  We generally don’t put it up this early, but like to have it ready to go.  He, of course, had his traditional, “You really think that that is a Christmas tree?” as he sawContinue reading “Christmas cookies chez Koerner”

Thoughts on Tolerance and being raised a Roman Catholic

This is a subject that has bothered me most of my life.  I can remember thinking about this even when I was young and surrounded by people with many prejudices and bigoted views. I grew up surrounded by a certain amount of bigotry.  I remember even as a youngster having discussions with my family andContinue reading “Thoughts on Tolerance and being raised a Roman Catholic”