Ali, the border (disorder) collie at work, continued

  Ali spends almost all of her day at her “perch” of sorts by the window that, as Mary Kay says, we had built for her.  She deems it her job to watch and protect our house and it is from this vantage point that she performs her daily task.  If we don’t raise theContinue reading “Ali, the border (disorder) collie at work, continued”

Ali, the border (disorder) collie

Ali is pretty smart, being a so-called border (disorder) collie.  She knows enough that when we don’t pay attention, she can take advantage.  Here she is doing her job protecting the estate while snoozing/watching from her favorite chair.  She doesn’t like leather, I don’t know why, she loves to chase and herd cows, so thisContinue reading “Ali, the border (disorder) collie”

I am certifiably ________ (you fill in the blank)!

I am certifiably _______________ (you fill in the blank).  I realize I must be totally crazy. It is freezing outside and I went out with the idea of ostensibly picking up a few twigs left in the aftermath of heavy winds, recent tree trimming, etc.  I got outside, took a gander at my estate (thisContinue reading “I am certifiably ________ (you fill in the blank)!”

Mind wandering on Day Eight of rehab

It is just a smidgen after eight o’clock and once again I find myself sitting with my coffee next to the Christmas tree hoping to absorb some of its magic before getting on with my day.  I did a bunch of my “Hausherr” tasks before getting to this point, getting the coffee underway (I hadContinue reading “Mind wandering on Day Eight of rehab”

A Christmastime Sunday

  It is about eight o’clock in the morning and I am awake with my coffee enjoying the silence in the house.  It is hard to believe I slept this late, it doesn’t happen very often.  I have my coffee in hand and am about to get the Sunday paper.  I always used to reallyContinue reading “A Christmastime Sunday”

Denali, not the one in Alaska

Denali, or Ali (pronounced Alley) as we call her is the second Koerner dog.  She is a border collie and not only looks the part but acts the part.   She is an amazing companion, a dog above all other dogs for intelligence, for care, and the like.  That is not to say she doesn’t haveContinue reading “Denali, not the one in Alaska”