What is happening?

Got up in my pretty usual mode of being totally awake and unable to stay in bed, so, I did the right thing, I got up. After brushing my teeth and such, I went downstairs, started the coffee process, and then went into the family room to check on the progress of the upgrading ofContinue reading “What is happening?”

The picture says it all!

The picture says it all. Samantha’s gift to the Koerner family is moving and growing! Her sniffles have managed to hit just about everyone. A bit of life, that is what it is. We are thus relegated to fighting the cold that has attacked us. So, this morning, after my coffee, some nice herbal teaContinue reading “The picture says it all!”

Swimming meditation revisited

Today I went swimming for my exercise and unfortunately or fortunately, I was surrounded by more noise than one could believe.  I had neglected to think about the fact that private swimming lessons would be going on today and the gym had set aside one lane for laps.  I had mistakenly thought that no oneContinue reading “Swimming meditation revisited”

Day Thirteen of Daddy Boot Camp

So, we have arrived at day thirteen of Daddy Boot Camp.  Life is settling into the routine that it seems my body and personality so crave.  Am I totally comfortable with the new routine?  Yes and No.  Do I miss the old routine?  Yes and No.  Has it been smooth?  Very, with a minor blipContinue reading “Day Thirteen of Daddy Boot Camp”

Une lettre à nos amis français

  Mes chers amis, Ici tout va bien et il faut certainement me pardonner le retard en répondant à votre message.  Chez les Koerner il y avait pas mal de choses arrivées pendant la saison de Noël.  D’abord je dois commencer avec les nouvelles que l’entreprise Koerner, Koerner Enterprises n’est plus.  A mon avis, nousContinue reading “Une lettre à nos amis français”

Cherchant le calme près de la cheminée

  Searching for calm by the fire is my title for the day. It is about eight o’clock as I sit and sip my eight o’clock freshly brewed coffee and sit in the old armchair next to the fire.  I am, once again, searching for calm.  It is day seven of Daddy Boot Camp. IContinue reading “Cherchant le calme près de la cheminée”

Life is good!

My original title for this entry was, “Control Revisited, Day Four.  By the end of my written meditation, a visual came into my mind that I am sharing with you at the end of this article. For some reason, control is the one thing I think about more than anything.  I am totally convinced thatContinue reading “Life is good!”

Day Three of Daddy Boot Camp

I got up early this morning and expected and looked forward to sitting down with my coffee after setting up breakfast for Mary Kay and me.  I arrived in the kitchen and realized that Mikey is at home and that I was going to have some cleaning up to do in order to enjoy myself. Continue reading “Day Three of Daddy Boot Camp”

Day Fourteen, rehab and Day One of Daddy Boot Camp (DBC)

I woke up around four forty-five am, wondering whether I should throw myself out of bed, wondering whether sleep was going to retake me or if I was being forced to a wakeful state. I managed to remain in bed until the MK snooze alarm fest somewhere in the vicinity of five thirty or so. Continue reading “Day Fourteen, rehab and Day One of Daddy Boot Camp (DBC)”

Soul searching on Day Thirteen of rehab

Thank goodness, today I slept until almost 8:00 am, pretty unheard for me.  I am confident that the reason it occurred is because of the few hours the previous night.  The odd thing is that yesterday I had no desire to take a nap.  As the evening progressed and we watched a Jeff Daniel’s movie,Continue reading “Soul searching on Day Thirteen of rehab”