Snowmageddon III, Stalemate?

I just came in, my fingers are freezing, I need to warm them up before returning to the war zone.  Snow,  5;  Koerners, 1! Despite all the help I had, I have one large job ahead of me.  I finally managed to clear off the snow overhang in the front and then I unleashed oneContinue reading “Snowmageddon III, Stalemate?”

I am certifiably ________ (you fill in the blank)!

I am certifiably _______________ (you fill in the blank).  I realize I must be totally crazy. It is freezing outside and I went out with the idea of ostensibly picking up a few twigs left in the aftermath of heavy winds, recent tree trimming, etc.  I got outside, took a gander at my estate (thisContinue reading “I am certifiably ________ (you fill in the blank)!”

Recycling your Christmas Tree

I open up the Chicago Tribune today and see a huge article on the recycling of Christmas trees.  It amuses me to no end that in our society we can often take something simple and render it complicated.  I find it so interesting that some of the simplest things are totally ignored.  Does no oneContinue reading “Recycling your Christmas Tree”

Betty Koerner turns 80

My mom, Betty Koerner (aka Elizabeth A. Koerner, Grandma, or EAK) turned 80 in 2001.  Upon this date we did all sorts of things to celebrate the moment.  She received a book with all this information as well as letters from important American dignitaries and birthday cards from my kind students.  We moved her toContinue reading “Betty Koerner turns 80”

Arrow to Ugliness

I am not boasting, but I am probably one of the nicest neighbors one could ever have.  I am the neighbor you would borrow from, the neighbor who would help you with the leaves when you couldn’t get to them.  I am also a person who seems to have a certain magnetism for some ofContinue reading “Arrow to Ugliness”

Thoughts about being green and saving money

In many ways, the Koerners have been ahead of the times.  I have been composting for as long as I can remember.  I have been recycling coffee grounds for years.  Actually, my grandmother taught me to do that when I was a kid.  In Deerfield, where I live, any yard waste has to be placedContinue reading “Thoughts about being green and saving money”

Fall, leaves, trees, gutters, and ponds

I absolutely love trees.  One of the crazy things about my youth is that, for the most part, I lived in an area devoid of trees.  When I came to Chicago for the first time, I was a bit surprised by the literal forests in the suburbs.  Not that there are  not suburbs like thatContinue reading “Fall, leaves, trees, gutters, and ponds”