Missing boots and Parmesan paranoia

This is not easy for me but I just have to do it. I have been complaining for weeks about my missing boots. Now that we have massive snow, I have been in serious need of boots for my feet. Here I am complaining about the Imelda wannabe I live with and her collection ofContinue reading “Missing boots and Parmesan paranoia”

Ali, the border (disorder) collie at work

It is freezing cold this morning and the experts are worried that it shall be dangerous.  It is about twelve degrees Fahrenheit and the wind chill factor is supposed to exacerbate even that.  I do remember the actual fifteen below degrees and more when the boys were born back in the eighties.  Now that wasContinue reading “Ali, the border (disorder) collie at work”

Shoeless in Chicago

  I have been griping around the house for some time now.  At the beginning of the winter I had located my snow boots.  Now, mind you, I have hiking boots I can wear, but with all the snow, it is so much easier to wear regular snow boots you can easily slip into.  AndContinue reading “Shoeless in Chicago”

Samantha and the iPad

Samantha is no stranger to technology and that certainly is normal for a child growing up in this world. Mary Kay noted this information from The Week magazine recently. To recap what she put on her Facebook page, she said that twenty percent of the two to five year olds can do smart phone applications. Continue reading “Samantha and the iPad”

Florida, Texas, and thoughts of New Trier

  As I am sitting here in my sixty-eight degree surroundings and see the snow capped piles in the distance through my living room window, I ponder what today might have been like had I been still working for the language lab company.  This week the conference was in Florida, next week in Texas. MostContinue reading “Florida, Texas, and thoughts of New Trier”

The Soup Spoon debacle

  Tis a cold day once again in the northern suburbs of Chicago and I ponder a subject brought up to me by my sons recently, the ubiquitous soup spoon.  I must admit that I have generated some funny stuff in my time and the soup spoon subject is one of them.  For some reason,Continue reading “The Soup Spoon debacle”

Snowmageddon III, Stalemate?

I just came in, my fingers are freezing, I need to warm them up before returning to the war zone.  Snow,  5;  Koerners, 1! Despite all the help I had, I have one large job ahead of me.  I finally managed to clear off the snow overhang in the front and then I unleashed oneContinue reading “Snowmageddon III, Stalemate?”

Trying to get back to normal

Yesterday started out busy and a bit hectic. The last thing left to do was to return the rental car. Since we had changed the original plan and decided to return it on Sunday instead of Monday, we had to take it to O’Hare, which was the only Hertz open. This necessitated, obviously, taking anotherContinue reading “Trying to get back to normal”

Back in Illinois

The plaque over our back door reads: “Que Dieu bénisse notre maison et ceux qui en franchissent le seuil.” God bless our house and everyone who enters it. Got up about eight in the morning. Slept like a log. Been doing wash to clean ‘California’ out of Mikey’s clothing! We have pretty much put everythingContinue reading “Back in Illinois”