Sunday Frustrations

Yesterday, my oldest and I went over some things on the new blog page and got a bunch of things accomplished.  Included among them was the change in the header’s picture to one I took in France in Auvers-sur-Oise in 1998 and a change from the Blog theme, which was malfunctioning, to a simpler one. Continue reading “Sunday Frustrations”

Samantha and the iPad

Samantha is no stranger to technology and that certainly is normal for a child growing up in this world. Mary Kay noted this information from The Week magazine recently. To recap what she put on her Facebook page, she said that twenty percent of the two to five year olds can do smart phone applications. Continue reading “Samantha and the iPad”

Travels for Mikey, Days One and Two

Add this experience to my list of odd travels in my recent past: a trip to California to move my youngest back to the Midwest. On Wednesday of this week, I flew out of Midway using a ticket we had purchased for Mikey from Southwest Airlines for his return flight. The ticket had been putContinue reading “Travels for Mikey, Days One and Two”

What is happening?

Got up in my pretty usual mode of being totally awake and unable to stay in bed, so, I did the right thing, I got up. After brushing my teeth and such, I went downstairs, started the coffee process, and then went into the family room to check on the progress of the upgrading ofContinue reading “What is happening?”

A January Sunday

I have messed around for over half an hour, something that is certainly standard procedure for me.  I decided, despite the early hour, to play around with some technology items, wondering whether or not I could work out the kinks of working on the blog from the iPad.  I managed to upload the picture, butContinue reading “A January Sunday”

Confessions of an admitted (addicted?) iPhone user

I have always liked my guy toys.  I love new technology, computers, etc.  As an organizational freak I like to use technology to organize things that I cannot do otherwise.  Lists, files, folders, you name it, I like to utilize it. I store them on my iPhone. I remember the first cell phones, those largeContinue reading “Confessions of an admitted (addicted?) iPhone user”

How to easily use French accents on any computer

I am so sorry that it took me so long to find out the information I am giving here.  For years as a French teacher, I tried numerous ways of producing the accents, some better than others.  My biggest frustration was  when the method I chose ended up looking like what I call “gobbledygook” inContinue reading “How to easily use French accents on any computer”