Gray day, longer day

It is not even ten o’clock and I have already had a full day.  My first surprise is that I noted when I went downstairs to set up breakfast that the first light of the day was already there.  It is clear the days are getting longer.  I have already noticed that in the afternoon as my two Ikea floor light fixtures that are on timers have been going on when it is still light out.  It is always such a nice feeling when that happens because it is the reminder that winter, although as strong as an ox, is on the way out.

I had the disappointment of having to deal with emptying the dishwasher and setting up the coffee this morning.   I must have been out of it last night to have forgotten the coffee!

When I got in my car after warming it up a bit, I noticed that the winter filth is annoying me more.  I cannot wait to get it cleaned up a bit!

Samantha withdrawal today as she is spending the day with her mom.  Somehow, this doesn’t make it feel like Friday!

I am a bit worried about the massive ice on the roof and hope that it doesn’t find its melting way into the roof area as it dissipates.  I really don’t want to have to deal with that.  I even have warming cables above the kitchen where I have had a problem but the ice is massive.  Supposedly a warming trend is coming in the near future.

Technologically, other than my success with the flashcard app, I had a disappointing blog day.  At present, my blog is appearing simultaneously on two web addresses.  I have not had the luck with the new address in that I still don’t have all the pictures and I still don’t have all the blog entries.  I have some work to do there as I am missing December 15th through 31st.  I talked to Christian at the gym (we are all being good about exercise!) and he gave me some ideas and will sit down with me and help me go about things from a different angle.  We shall see.

There is a load of wash in and I am about to start putting in vocabulary for the first year French students. 

I am already hungry and it isn’t time for lunch.  I guess the green tea I am drinking just isn’t staving off my hunger. 

More to come later…


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