Okay, yesterday was one busy, confusing day.  I am having trouble remembering what was even going on!

I went for my morning swim and came home to a massive job which I took on all of my own volition.  I had researched an app for flashcards for the students I am tutoring and I decided to make sure I knew it would work and that I had uploaded the vocabulary for quite a few of the chapters of the book.

Add to that a conversation with my eldest who helped decide me to purchase my own domain.  As if my Koerner estate in the northern suburbs of Chicago was not enough!  We dialogued a bit, we had done the dialoguing in the past as well, and since I am fast approaching blog entry number two hundred, I thought it was time.  It is better to make the change now before I have amassed even more entries under my belt.

I guess it is time to upgrade my situation and realize that my original idea to try out blogging was a fruitful one in more than ways than I could have ever imagined.  My purchasing my own domain will make it easier for me to update and get all the things on my blogsite that I want and need.

So, after a long day of data entry, mental confusion, and tutoring, I came home to have my blog in two locations, in an Internet mirror-type situation.  I am not totally sure I get all of the ramifications, but time will tell.

Most of the “moving” went smoothly as Christian set out to transfer my almost two hundred entries and photos.  Unfortunately, as with any move, there is clean up to deal with and I have to have two computer screens up as I compare…  I am still missing about fifteen entries on the new site, seems my overzealous blogging in December made a total transfer impossible.

Today, I blogged on both sites, doing the same thing and for the time being, that is the way it shall be.  In the end, although the blog looks pretty much the same, my move will complete itself.  I will have more freedom, as I have been told, and that cannot be anything but a good thing.  I just wish that I could give some freedom to the people who really need it.

I am going to upload this, on both sites, and then sit down and compare and bring the new address up to the level where it is the same.  I apologize, in advance if anything is amiss, I am sure that that is unavoidable. 

I hope to see you all at


Un grand merci car vous m’avez donné beaucoup de joie et de surprises!


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