Ali, the border (disorder) collie at work, continued


Ali spends almost all of her day at her “perch” of sorts by the window that, as Mary Kay says, we had built for her.  She deems it her job to watch and protect our house and it is from this vantage point that she performs her daily task.  If we don’t raise the blinds, she will put her snout right through the blinds, it is quite obvious from the look of the numerous slats that are slightly bent. 

So, there she sits on a daily basis watching the world and when we aren’t looking, up she goes on the window seat.  At this point, she doesn’t care a whole lot that we know this; the minute we leave, she generally jumps up there and relaxes in the afternoon sun.

So many people have said that they would love to spend some time as Ali since she has a great life, watching out the window, chasing balls, and the like.


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