iPods, iCicles, and iWeber Grills?

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Okay, so I did get into a little mischief.  I straightened up!

While doing so I grabbed lunch and took few pictures outside.  We rarely have icicles and I would like to think it is because the roof is nicely insulated.

We do have a few icicles today.  We even have them on the Weber Grill.  I am not overly happy as my usual path to the Weber is solid snow so despite our needs we may have to wait a bit before grilling.  Normally, we grill all year round and we are still using charcoal.  My stubbornness has aided us in this area, I may have given in to a garbage disposal but I am NOT yet ready to turn in my charcoal!

If you are wondering about the iPod, I am currently recycling MK’s old iPhone and turning it into an iPod of the iTouch variety.  I had tried before but that was when I thought I couldn’t.  The iTunes on this laptop must be strangely corrupted so I am now connecting to my netbook.  It is working like a charm. 

Okay, back to my chair!  I need to rest before my 4:30 pm Starbuck’s meeting with Adrienne!


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