Mary Kay's proposed twelve step program...


The kids just got back from Wisconsin and their skiing outing and Samantha just awakened from her nap.  We spent the time of Samantha’s nap playing Scrabble and I was severely trounced.  MK made fun of me as well during our game since I kept score on the iPad and had a few issues here and there as the table wouldn’t always allow me to enter the numbers.  In any case, it kept me occupied and less annoyed at the severe damage I self-incurred point-wise.

As we were sitting and enjoying Samantha as she was coming out her nap trance, discussion got around to, would you believe, shoes.  I say that since they are a very important part of life and unbeknownst to most of us, are probably more important than diamonds to women.

I have a real theory about why shoes are more important than any other part of a woman’s wardrobe, but trust me I shall not offer that theory since it may cause me to be shot on the spot.  There are certain things you just never do.  I know that you should never, ever ask a woman if she is pregnant.  That is quite a dangerous thing to do.  Mysteriously, within the last month I broke this rule (I think my filter is breaking as I age) and actually asked someone if she was.  Miraculously, she happened to be!  I lucked out.  I also know that you never, ever ask a woman how old she is.  There are just certain things one doesn’t do.

Anyway, the shoe issue came to the forefront today and I realized that I needed to get something off of my feet, oops, I mean chest.  I am living with a “shoedict.”  Perhaps she might beg to differ with me, perhaps I am wrong, but sometimes I think that MK is more in love with shoes than she is with me.  I do think that is typical of the fairer sex anyway.

I am convinced, for example, that most of her supposed “game playing” on the computer is, in fact, research for new “shoeportunities.”  I think MK has more “shoesites” than anyone else!

Back to “shoedict,” a term I have just coined.  It is someone addicted to shoes.  Mind you, I have not counted the shoes in my house and frankly, I am frightened to do so since I might find out something I really don’t want to know.  Sometimes, it is just better not knowing the truth.  Sometimes, people just don’t divulge everything since they know that the truth hurts more than not giving all the info.  I know couples where the husband does his best not to know the damage that is being inflicted on his bank account by the credit card when his better half is shopping.  Frankly, I think there are more examples of that than we would ever believe.

I am torn here, wondering whether or not I should stage an intervention.  I am wondering if there is yet, in fact a “Shoes Anonymous,” AKA  “SA,”  where people can go and profess that yes, they are “shoedicts.”  Maybe I should start one.  We all know it is an issue, isn’t it time we deal with it?  I mean, if the shoe fits, wear it!

BTW (I am impressed with myself that I actually know this is “by the way!”), I have never been in enough hot water to have to vacate the queen size bed in the master bedroom but…


3 responses to “Shoediction

  1. I do not believe that I should dignify this post with too much of a comment, but it and I beg the question,” Who doesn’t want a well-shod wife.?” I do admit that I like shoes. I remember when I was a little girl that we ordered a pair of white summer sandals from a catalog. I could hardly contain myself when they arrived! They were beautiful and my how great they looked on my! When my beloved husband confessed to me that he was blogging about my love affair with shoes, and that he took a picture of some of them, all I could say was that I was worried about which shoes were in the picture. I mean, I don’t want anybody to get the wrong idea. I have some really pretty shoes. So, you would really have to visit my closet to get a real taste of MK’s shoe empire. BTW…I am in the minor leagues compared to some of my friends. So, there! BTW2….Rich is not kicked out of the queen sized bed, but the queen of shoes might just kick him in bed with a pair of those on! I know that he is secretly delighted that he has a wife with good taste. I married him, didn’t I?

  2. I proudly proclaim that I am SHOEDICT!!! I see absolutely nothing wrong with this addiction and I think it is just something that men will never understand. 😉

  3. But men like it! That is the wonderful yin and yang of the whole thing. It seems to me that most men would definitely notice if we wore construction boots every day. And isn’t that part of the reason we don’t wear clodhoppers all the time. WE WANT THEM TO NOTICE.

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