The Aftermath


A view of the snow in front of my house, the sun is shining, it is another beautiful, but very cold, day!  More to come…

Went out to the gym and swam.  It is very cold out and schools are closed again just for that reason.  Following that, and seeing almost the entire family there, I went to Kenilworth to tutor.  As it happens, I am tutoring two girls today in French.  Originally I was supposed to tutor them on Wednesday night; that was canceled due to the bad weather.  Now I have returned home and am planning on taking it easy.  Taking it easy until I figure out some mischief I can get into.

I was wondering what the status of the roads would be.  In our area, they are pretty much totally normal with a few exceptions.  I noticed that the right turn lane on one of the major thoroughfares was not plowed through.  In Kenilworth and Winnetka, south of us, the roads are okay except for the streets and side streets.  They are passable but generally not completely plowed through.  I even noticed slippage as I made a turn from one street to another, and that is in an all wheel drive car.

Okay, so I shall take it easy.  I will do my yoga breathing exercises as prescribed by my doctor.  In looking at my daily blood pressure readings, she agreed that my stats were borderline and a little high on only a couple of days of the month.  She agreed that perhaps my stress level during this time period might be a reason for it.  She asked me to take ten minutes a day to do breathing exercises instead so I learn how to relax.  Hmm, learn how to relax, I wonder if that is possible!

Okay, signing off for now, getting up the fortitude to spend the day with Samantha tomorrow.   That, as always, will be a treat and great fun!


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