Snowmageddon V: Whoa, still battling and…


Late afternoon, as the snowplowers were convocating in our house, several difficulties came to the forefront:  the plow on Christian’s truck was not responding.  Between grabbing a bite to eat and resting, Christian went out to see what was going wrong.  He did a little bit of Internet research and figured it out, but due to the day that it was and everything being closed, we were out of luck.  Then, his truck decided not to start.  That was a real issue because since the blizzard had pretty much shut everything down, there was no place to get help, and we thought it was the starter.  Finally, the snow blower we had to do the local driveways decided to not function at all.  Earlier in the day a wheel fell off and Mikey put it back on with bolts he found in my newly organized garage.  This time, it totally malfunctioned.

Richie’s shoveler, Danny, was ensconced by the fire to warm up and dry off.  His pants had been caked with snow and his socks and boots were wet and cold.  We fed him, gave him warm socks and some athletic pants to wear while his jeans were drying.  Sustenance while resting before the final snow push!

The pressure was on, there were several big lots to plow and the snow was piled way too high.  Then there were several driveways where plowing had not been consistently done and where the layer of ice was hindering progress.

We brainstormed and decided that one thing we could do was to call AAA for service.  I have a new app for my iPhone and wanted to “click” our request in.  The reaction was that it would not function today.  Then we tried to call them on the phone and the line was busy.  So, I “clicked” the info in and lo and behold, much to Mary Kay’s surprise, they showed up in less than an hour!  To make it even better, since the remote was charging in the truck, it was a drained battery and the truck was started momentarily.  It turns out, if I am not mistaken, that the plow function was affected by the low battery, so the plow was now working.  So, all four guys headed out to finish up the plowing!   Once again, my technology saved the day!

The latest is that we are to get freezing temperatures and therefore we are glad that all of these driveways and such can be taken care of before that happens.  Such is life at Snow Plowing Central!


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