Snowmageddon IV, Battle won, for now…

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It is almost a quarter to one and I have just re-entered my abode, sweaty and hot, with slightly cold fingers.  My work has been done for the moment.  I moved the cars back into position between the house and fence. I have pretty much cleaned as much as I could, my left arm muscles are sore from the action of lifting the snow onto the heavy piles.

Check out my pictures this time, I have created a “Snowmaginot line” to prevent further flight of the snow into my walkway.

The boys are still out there doing snow removal.  We have had people stopping by to ask about getting their driveways taken care of.  Good question that one is since the boys are really at their limit and this has been an extraordinary snow experience.

The larger question is, “Is this the last of the snow?”


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