Waiting for the blizzard

I kept thinking that all the stuff from the California foray was put away. I was wrong. I guess I was just choosing not to see the stuff that was lingering that needed attention.

Before getting out of bed this morning, we heard the dog barking. It was due to Mikey leaving with his brother to go and do some snow removal.

Once up, I looked outside and realized that my own personal snow removal needed to be in process so I got the coffee going, warmed up the mugs in the microwave, and headed out the front door. Although the snow looked less than impressive in height, there was much more on the driveway than on the stoop and sidewalk. It was relatively cold, just around 25 degrees or so. I quickly shoved the snow aside, pushing most of it before throwing it onto the lawn. The part of the driveway beyond our parked car, leading toward the apron, was already done by our sons’ plowing.

Just as I was finishing, and it didn’t take all that very long, Mikey pulled up and Mary Kay was down form breakfast. We turned the ignition on in the car to warm it up and settled down to some good, strong morning coffee and toast.

Once Mary Kay had departed, I set about to straighten up. Multi-tasking as I usually do, I threw Mikey’s shirts in the washer and headed up to the kitchen to put the dishes in the dishwasher and straighten up the kitchen and the other areas of the house. I realized that we were still suffering from the after effects of all of the California items that had invaded our house. So, little by little we are normalizing. I also decided to water the plants and wind up the grandfather clock since I was already involved in my personal cleaning tornado activities.

Rumors of the impending “blizzard of 2011” are rampant and I keep hearing of people raiding the stores and stockpiling bread and other supplies. Somehow, I think the rumors are the usual, actually occurring weather situations fueled by the media to create newsworthy items that attract the viewing audience. On the other hand, this is probably going to be one heck of a storm. We shall see. The weather, at this time, does look like this blizzard is possible.

So now, I am into a bit of chilling before getting into some other household mischief. I am sure I shall not be able to sit still all that long. Somehow, I am guessing that I may not need to hit the gym today as I shall be doing some more shoveling before the end of the day. Time will tell…


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