The blizzard arrives!

I went out somewhere around one o’clock or so to check on the grandmothers at Rosewood Nursing home. My mom was, as usual, the last one at the table, having barely touched her food. That is not unusual and the fact that she moves so little these days allows her diet to be limited in amount. She did eat her apple sauce and then her cake, and refused to leave until she had done so. She then drank her tea, although I was surprised that she wasn’t complaining that it was cold. She likes it piping hot and has never figured out that she is the cause of the drinking of less than hot tea, as it sits there forever while she completes her meal. She, like so many of us (who, me?) has a special routine for everything. I would like to think that her routines are a bit more obsessive than mine.

I was trying to move her along since I wanted to go visit my mother-in-law as well. I quizzed my mom about my mother-in-law and she said that she hadn’t seen her since her original arrival. I have to say that my mom and mother-in-law are both in the same wing on the second floor of the nursing home and my mother-in-law is, in fact, literally around the corner from her. My mother was very lucid today, as she usually is, she remembers all about my mother-in-law’s interesting character, I am thinking that that is why my mother didn’t roll her wheelchair around the corner! In any case, my mother-in-law has been stewing about the fact that she has to share a room and I did hear that she hoped not to room with my mom. I think that that is a good move.

My mother-in-law was in her bed, not dressed, as she likes to be. She was watching television but absorbing little, if any, of it. She was pleasant and she and my mother commiserated on the food, etc. in the nursing home.

I managed to get home somewhere around three o’clock, just as the winds had picked up and the snow started to fall. At four or so, I went out (as did Mikey to check the snow blower he will use when he goes out plowing with his brother) to shovel what there was as Mary Kay called and said she was on her way. She mentioned that her high school district was closed tomorrow as are seemingly all of the local school districts. The wind is gusty and the snow is moving furiously around as if in a tornado of sorts. With just about any hour of snowing in, there was plenty of snow to move. I ended up moving the two cars between the house and the fence hoping that they will provide enough coverage to keep that part of the driveway clean. It is a royal pain shoveling that section in heavy snow as the snow must be transported to either the front or back yard.

I brought in some wood, in case we want a fire and we are all set to settle in for the evening. Mikey had created a gourmet meal, although he denies it. He thinks it is a ho-hum type of meal. He coated chicken breasts and baked them in the oven. He made some fried potatoes and we are going to take some goat cheese circles, bake them and place them on salad to complete the dinner. I cannot wait.

So, welcome the first real blizzard in a long time, the blizzard of 2011!


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