Trying to get back to normal

Yesterday started out busy and a bit hectic. The last thing left to do was to return the rental car. Since we had changed the original plan and decided to return it on Sunday instead of Monday, we had to take it to O’Hare, which was the only Hertz open. This necessitated, obviously, taking another car to pick me up. Mary Kay and Mikey drove in the Subaru and followed me.

As usual, I thought I had planned for every possible outcome. It is this planning for every outcome that sometimes leaves me in the lurch. I say that because if things don’t work out fitting into my planning, I find it very annoying.

The only major annoyance of a rental car in Chicago is the tollway and its issues. The Illinois Tollway system is quite interesting. They want you to purchase a transponder so you don’t have to stop for tolls. That is nice, and we actually have an extra one, but in my cleaning details, I had organized so well, I couldn’t find it. Technically, that is illegal anyway as I found out, since they are supposed to be “connected” to a car.

My usual car, which has a transponder, was not at home, being borrowed by a son. No biggie, I thought I would just pay with cash.

So, I get in the car and I drive toward the airport. I get off and get ready to pay the toll. Unfortunately, no human beings at the toll stop and the money baskets demanded $.80 in change, and I only had a dollar bill. Therefore, I was forced to “illegally” pass through. That annoyed me to the point where I had what I would call a “meltdown,” a temporary time where something stupid caused me to “lose it” for a moment or two. When I was picked up by MK and Mikey, I was still in that phase. Not that it lasted that long, but I guess the big stresses finally came out in me as I tried to deal with the stupidity of the Illinois Tollway system.
Here is what ensued: I went online and answered a few questions. I finally came to the conclusion that I could not pay my toll online as they said I could, since I owned a transponder and I was in a rental car. After calling the Tollway personnel, they told me that in fact, I had to pay online, that my mistake was in thinking I had a transponder. If I happened to be in a rental car, I had NO transponder. Go figure.

I finally got the info I needed, went back online, and paid my $.80 fee with my credit card. The oddity there is you would think I could take it off a transponder account but no, I had to enter all my info and proceed that way. I was happy when that was over, it was a silly annoyance! They even made me tell which toll stop I was at, which direction I was headed in, the license plate and state of the car.

The rest of the day went okay, Mikey and I went to take a swim at the gym pool. We arrived to find out there was a pool party and we would have to do a workout instead. Luckily, I had my workout clothes, Mike didn’t though!

Mike took the pot roast from the previous evening and made wonderful tacos, they were delicious and we “veged” out for the rest of the evening.

This morning, I flew out quickly when Mary Kay left for work, got in my swim and returned home before Christian showed up with Samantha. She and I took the “whites” I had washed and hung them up. We are almost all done with the cleaning of Mike’s clothing. We still have some shirts that need to be taken to the dry cleaner’s but we are at least normalizing.

After that, Samantha and I watched a little of “Flushed Away,” her new “favorite movie. Of course, we are watching it in French!

More to come…


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