Back in Illinois

The plaque over our back door reads:

“Que Dieu bénisse notre maison et ceux qui en franchissent le seuil.”

God bless our house and everyone who enters it.

Got up about eight in the morning. Slept like a log. Been doing wash to clean ‘California’ out of Mikey’s clothing! We have pretty much put everything away, he has his technology up and running.

Last night was amazing and crazy. The last several hours of the trip were really a pain as we re-entered the Chicago area. It began to snow just as the sun set and the road became wet. The visibility was awful and it was hard to determine how icy it really was. I was driving again and luckily, after about an hour of that nastiness, it got dry as we did our final hour of the drive.

We enjoyed the warm reception we got once home. The baby was there and we quickly emptied the car. It was a great stroke of luck we had purchased six large rubbermaid type plastic containers which made it easier to unpack. The dinner of warm pot roast, mashed potatoes, gravy, salad, and fresh bread made our return even better. We quickly got everything in order as the dinner was finalized. It all began with Samantha giving us big hugs and making the return even more special.

The best part was the coffee after dinner. One odd note to our travels on Interstate Route 40 which parallels the famous Route 66 is that good coffee is non-existent in our eyes. Laughter would often ensue as “Dad” would ask the restaurant people about the coffee being served. Usually, the server would have pretty much no clue about what I was getting at. Although Starbucks is decidedly not my favorite, as I feel they burn their beans, we would have enjoyed some as a safe coffee haven in the storm. Starbucks was pretty much non-existent along the route and any other good coffee houses as well. We did resort to using the instant coffee from Starbucks to “fortify” the coffee we were drinking, but idiot me would often forget it in the hotel room. Note to self, take the one cup coffee makers we purchase from Bodum for ourselves and the boys since it takes up little space but makes a decent cup of coffee.

Today we will take the car back to O’Hare, which was not the original location of the return. Since we changed our original plans of return to Sunday, we have to go there, That is no biggie!

The entire trip was about 2100 miles or so… It was amazing! I feel so sorry for those who have not seen the beauty of the ride, it is worth it and I would do it again in a heartbeat. Essentially the plan for us was to drive during the entire daytime, leaving at dawn and finishing up around sunset.

Mikey is up, it is about ten o’clock and Mary Kay is preparing waffles in the kitchen. We are attempting to ‘normalize’ and that is a good thing. It is pretty much going to be a day of rest.

Oh, and did I tell you that we finally figured out that the Superbowl is next week?

I wonder what kind of mischief I shall be able to get in today?


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