In the car, Day Four of Travels for Mikey

last pic from trip, none in OK but this one is from MO in the Ozarks!

We are in the car traveling along toward St. Louis. It is somewhat cold and now a bit windy. We just dined on barbecue in Rolla. Great pork sandwiches!

I am doing this on my iPhone, a geeky first for me. Obviously my driving stint was earlier!

It has already been an interesting day so far. I was recorded during the night by my son to see if I snore (unbeknownst to me); the result is a wheezy whistle. Breakfast was served at Kimmy’s Diner by the lovely Vietnamese émigrée who told us her life story. Between the Oklahoma/Missouri border to just north of Springfield, a quite religious area, we noticed no less than five “Adult Book Stores!” While at lunch I noticed I received a Facebook “proposition” from a comely young lady. I seriously think she must have sent it to the wrong person! What was she thinking? Then I get several lovely messages from friends in France. Follow that with the news that Samantha can count to ten in French and English. Despite my countin for her in French she has not even done it for me. Papi is ecstatic! What a day!

Sun is now hiding behind clouds for the first time in days. We are scheduled to arrive around seven this evening. I cannot wait!

I know I shall need to proof this as it is hard to scroll back and the self-correction elements are driving me crazy!


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