Travels for Mikey, Day Three: Gallup, New Mexico to Tulsa


Up at 5:30 am, didour quick ses o get the blood flowing and getting ready for the hotel breakfast bore leaving the metropolis of Gallup, New Mexico.</p

Yesterday we were spoiled by havg a chef at the hotel breakfast station. Today, I doubt that that will appen.

Our foray into the pool area was isappointing. Hotwire had not told us there even was one. We put atoe in and realized that there was no physical reason to jump in a small pool of Arctic quality water. The spa was okay, but no more than that and the sauna took a while to heat up. It was, just the same, a nice way of ending the day, setting up long needed relaxation.

It is surprisingly cold here. There are still remnants of the snow, all clean, however, unlike what we have at home. During the day, when the sun comes out, it is much warmer than at home.

Wondering what today shall entail. I must say that yes, it is a long trip, but the countryside is so beautiful and the company good. Due to that, the trip is amazing. I keep wondering how few people have seen the beauty that keeps popping out of the landscape as we pass. Yesterday, my biggest thing was to notice the changes in desert vegetation. I was surprised to see some Joshua trees and then there were the cholla cacti. Desolate, sad, and very, very beautiful in spite of it.

Catch you later…


It is now ten o’clock in the evening and we are relaxing after eleven hours of straight driving with only half an hour for stops to exercise our legs, use the bathroom, and grab something to drink. For the most part, we relied on our WalMart provisions and fruit we had brought from breakfast. We managed to get in to Tulsa by half past seven in the evening. We checked in to the hotel, grabbed a bite to eat, and then sat in the hot tub for a quick bit of relaxation.

We basically drove seven hundred eighty-five miles in eleven hours, as mentioned. We went from the western part of New Mexico through the Texas panhandle and into Oklahoma.

Tomorrow we are planning on leaving early and heading home on the final leg of our journey. We luckily have just enough room in the SUV to be able to see out the back window.

We are tired. We shall be glad when we get home and get a chance to have Mikey check through the materials and assess the situation.

On with life, closing one chapter, opening a new one…


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