Travels for Mikey, Days One and Two

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Add this experience to my list of odd travels in my recent past: a trip to California to move my youngest back to the Midwest. On Wednesday of this week, I flew out of Midway using a ticket we had purchased for Mikey from Southwest Airlines for his return flight. The ticket had been put in cold storage when Mikey revealed to us that he was in need of help and was remaining with us. The ticket was easily redone to accommodate two of us (at less than the cost for Mikey!), so off I set with one of my sons.

We flew into Ontario and Super Shuttled to Redlands where we quickly took up our hotel room and headed to Hertz to pick up the rental car we had arranged.

In researching rentals, we found out that there is a huge difference between renting at the airport and renting from a municipality when it comes to taking a car from one point and leaving it off at another. The price of renting from the airport was literally twice that of the one we got!

Car procured, off to visit Mikey’s friends/colleagues to get some of his items and the keys to the warehouse. Luckily, I was provided with a list from Mikey and was able to go down the list and make sure we had all the important items. That was important as although helpful, they had a very lackadaisical California type attitude about things. This was especially funny since they are not California natives. It wasn’t easy but I finally got everything from Mikey’s list.

The warehouse was living hell. We had asked Mike’s colleagues to get his papers and important things. Apparently, in doing so, it was literally ransacked. In order to find what we needed, we had to clean/organize the whole scene. We actually did so in less than two hours. We had purchased six large plastic containers from Wal-Mart and packed them carefully. We threw out a lot of stuff that was pretty unusable.

After cleaning out the warehouse, I went to return the keys to the guys. I finished up the list of things I needed from them. That was comparable to pulling teeth in some respects despite their desire to help me out. Although they knew I was coming, they hadn’t detached things, set them aside, or anything, Despite e-mails, texts, etc., nothing was really ready for us. The oddest was when I asked about Mikey’s speakers, they said they knew nothing about them. I looked down and said, “Aren’t those speakers his?” They responded, “Oh, those? We guess so.”

So, this morning, Thursday, at 7:00 am, we departed Redlands. I am writing this as we drive on my iPad in the car. I am actually taking a rest from driving, unusual as that is.

We are already nearing Flagstaff, Arizona and can see its peaks in the distance. There is snow on the ground in places and I may have to pull out the winter jacket I brought, my wool Pendleton shirt has sufficed until now.

Last night we took some time to get online with Mikey’s Mac and figured out that we would get in a quick hike or so in the Petrified Forest of Arizona. The nearest city with hotels that we can deal with are in, would you believe, Gallup, New Mexico. So, away we go…more later!

Okay, it is later. We ended up getting to the Petrified Forest and had a nice walk and drive through the park. We then drove the last hour or so to the town of Gallup, New Mexico. We had “Yelped” with the Yelp app to see about where to have dinner. After reading reviews, we stopped in a place that got high recs and even one where a guy was going to go one hundred miles out of his way to eat there. It turned out to be totally true. Everything from food to service was above and beyond. So, if you are ever in Gallup, go to the Badlands Grill!

Resting up. We have decided to land in Tulsa tomorrow. Never been to Oklahoma, this could be interesting.


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