Dirty, icky snow


I know that someone from another part of the country might not comprehend this at all.  It would be culture shock.  I think it should snow!

People around here complain about the snow all the time.  I say, put up or shut up!  After all, if you don’t like it, why are you here?

Yes, snow can be a pain, it can be dangerous, but right now, we frankly need it.  The current situation has the pure snow looking very slutty!  Honestly, my picture doesn’t even do the situation justice.  The snow, when it is melting and hit by modern life, starts looking used and dirty.

We were talking about this the other day, the Midwest, that is.  Okay, perhaps it is not the most beautiful part of the country.  Perhaps we complain about its weather.  Some say that we just don’t see enough of the sun.  Others will complain about the tornadoes, the storms, etc.  I always complain, I will admit it, that there are no mountains.  I used to complain about the flat Midwest and didn’t realize that Cleveland just wasn’t all that flat!  I moved to Illinois and now I really do know what flat is.

When we get up in the morning, we aren’t really sure what to expect, and that is a good thing.  I think how hard it would be to just have to get up every day and see that shining sun; that might just be downright boring.

Okay, although I am saying I want it to snow, that warmth and sun might not be a bad choice after all!


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