Nana and the hospital, a love story


Nana is still in the hospital several days after her fall and subsequent delivery to the ER.  Although they cannot find anything physically wrong with her, she is still complaining of intense pain.  They have checked their scans and cannot come up with anything more than some issues with her back, but Nana is truly in her glory.

I have taken more than one call from the hospital, from the social worker and then from the occupational therapist.  Each one has questioned me on the situation, always first asking about my father-in-law.  The world my mother-in-law lives in has her at home with Dad.  He has been gone since October 1st of 2009.  Dementia and/or her need to have a pure Italian sense of mourning have caused her to ask us about the situation on an almost daily basis.  It is too sad for words.  She has obviously convinced the hospital personnel of his existence.

There seems to be no consensus as to her day of departure from the hospital.  Yesterday she was actually on morphine for the pain.  The occupational therapist was unable to work with her at all.  It reminds me of a situation a few years ago when she had knee replacement surgery.  She absolutely refused to work with the therapists and walk when they tried to get her to move within the proper time frame.  I ended up going in there and saying point blank to her that she needed to do what they were asking.  She actually listened to me.  That was a big surprise.  On the other hand, she did hand pick me for her daughter, and quickly told me that Mary Kay came with a piano! That dowry is sitting in our living room.  I only wish I could play it!

Perhaps this is good since Nana’s kitchen is undergoing renovation and maybe that would have been too stressful for her.  It appears that she will be coming home soon, we just don’t know when.

Now the latest is that she will be in the hospital for a few days and then, if appropriate, she will go to a nursing home for some rehab to get her back on her feet.  We are hoping she can go to the nursing home where my mom is. 

The saga of Nana continues…


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