What is happening? Day Two!

Yesterday was a bit insane.  We were in no rush to get to the hospital, given the history MK’s mom has and after having spoken to the nurse’s station in the ER.  In fact, they asked that we come in later.  I didn’t actually go, Mike and MK did, and they found a quite happy lady.  She was enjoying the attention and they finally decided to keep her for observation since she was having difficulty being ambulatory.  They said she complained of intense pain, yet she was snoozing peacefully most of the time. That is the usual!  They really couldn’t find anything wrong with her.

MK and Michael went out to assess her situation and then they headed back to her apartment. We had to make sure the cupboards were bare so as to allow for the men coming in to install new ones and give her kitchen a geriatric designer look.

Before this occurred, Christian, Laura, and Samantha came over and the parents went to play tennis while we watched Samantha.  I decided that Christmas was officially over so I switched the Spode Christmas china with the French pottery we normally have in our cabinet.  I also took down the ceramic Christmas tree and put that away.  I was wondering if Samantha would say anything about that, but she didn’t.  Anyway, I put the stuff away in the crawlspace and rearranged things a bit.

Samantha was so much enjoying having “Mumma” to play with.  I would ask her for some “bisous” (kisses) and she would ignore me and/or say, “No!” She already knows how to properly bat her eyelashes and when I feigned being so sad I was at the edge of tears, she ran over to me and hugged me.  I worked on teaching her numbers one through seven in French (when we go up and down the steps) and asked her to do things in French, as usual, it all went without a hitch.

My technology situation worked out although it too pretty much all day to do it.  I realized that my connecting to the iTunes on my regular laptop is the problem so I ended up having to do a “factory restore” and reset the iPhone.  This time I upgraded the iTunes on my netbook and used it, the unfortunate part was that I needed to figure out how to move the “apps” and the music from my usual laptop to the netbook.  That took a bit more thinking as to how to go about it.  By the end of the day, I had pretty much gotten it back to normal without too much loss.  The entire family was amused by my “technology antics” and I felt like I was being “roasted” all day.

Today it is just past six.  I have one of those great loaves of multigrain bread that is not completely baked, wrapped up and sold like that, ready to go into the oven.  MK and I will have hot coffee and fresh bread along with the peanut butter and jam for a warm breakfast. Then the plan is to fly out the door, get to the gym for a swim before my day with Samantha.

Mike has been preparing for his GRE exam and will take that today. 

I ended up watching a small amount of the Bears/Packer’s game at the virtually totally empty gym yesterday.  I came home and thought I would see a bit more but Mike was watching something else.

Tonight we are headed into the city for a real “foie gras” celebration at a friend’s place downtown.  She has “imported” the foie gras and we are providing appetizers for the champagne.  It will be fun seeing some old friends.

Icy and snow outside, I am hoping today is a little less exciting than yesterday!


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