A cold, snowy morning in January

I just sat down with my coffee after heating up the mugs with hot water and emptying and filling mine with coffee. It is so cold from the previous evening that if I don’t heat the mug, the coffee will chill far too quickly.

Ali has gotten the newspaper but I have to as yet remove it from its plastic wrap and read it. Of late, I find it hard to read the paper; the writing style leaves me cold. I like to be informed yet I find it tough sifting through the unclear style that demands the reader to carefully try to figure out what is being said. Whatever happened to a clear, concise writing style accompanied by good grammar? It is just not as enjoyable to me as it was when I was younger. Is it me? Is it a combination of me and the times?

The blinds in the living room are still not all the way lowered. The top two-thirds of the windows are covered with the lower third allowing me to see out. This ploy is to keep Ali from destroying them more than she already has. She views her canine job as a major protection against outsiders, especially the mailman. When he comes, she goes into a flurry of what I view as misguided energy, often flinging herself against the window. She also spends time on the bench of the window trying to peer out so keeping the blinds open helps. The Plexiglas panels I have put over the windows with Velcro to protect the screens is often smudged by Ali’s snout. The one on the right is even cracked due to the force of Ali’s self-flinging against it to protect us. Ali, like all the rest of us, is a little different!

Mikey had his meeting at the local university regarding graduate studies. As with all those meetings it was both good and confusing. The massive amounts of materials to deal with and the information/misinformation of a major institution can be overwhelming. I often think that the real hurdles of academia in reaching a degree are those like this one. It actually mimics the situations that life continually throws at you. You think you are prepared, you do everything possible to think about each and every possibility, and then you find out that there are so many things that never even occurred to you that you shall have to deal with. I just thank the lucky stars that he has a family to sit down with him and help him sift through it all. It brought back my memories of going to Freshman Orientation In what seems a thousand years ago and being so frustrated by the situation and the counselors’ inability to answer my very simple questions. My support group was so unaware of the process that I felt like I was drowning. Not that Mikey is fragile, because he is surprisingly resilient, but stuff like this is a major concern.

The clock just chimed. Ali is snoozing at my feet. The violet within my eye range is blooming uncontrollably. There is still a small amount of Christmas regalia that needs dealing with. The leaves of the plant next to the love seat I am sitting on are moving with the air currents from the gas forced air. It is Saturday and another day is about to begin.


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