Some might be wondering…

Some might be wondering what is going on in the Koerner household.  Today was jam packed as I flew out the door to go to the gym right after seven this morning, looking to gain sustenance to get through the day.

I returned home to find Samantha already raring to go.  After some coffee with Christian and Mikey, we settled in to some play.  Samantha was great as we folded clothing and hung wet clothing up on the racks and did other tasks.  Today, despite my penchant for straightening up before going on to another room, Samantha managed to cut a swath of destruction that was well beyond my control.

Mikey and bro went to work out together and I settled in with Samantha, Mikey returned around lunchtime.  By half past noon, Samantha was readied and put down for a nap. It  turns out, however that an hour later we heard her making noise, Mikey checked on her and found that she had not really fallen asleep since she was producing something in her diaper.  So, to make a long story short, Mikey cleaned her up (his first time, ever!) and she came down to play.  Daddy came by not that much later after attending to all sorts of technology needs as his computer died, his phone was well on the way, and…

Samantha was really well behaved considering the fatigue she must have been in, she and Daddy stayed until past four when MK arrived.  She was getting to the breaking point by this time.

Mikey created a salad that was beyond belief with a spinach salad dressing that is literally, “to die for.” He was not up for major culinary creations tonight since he had a session at a local university to see about grad school in high school counseling.

So we ate early, he left; I went into the kitchen and cleaned up after having done a house sweep to get back to pre-Samantha status.  Love that child; it appears she shall be re-conquering her estate here tomorrow as we all figure out how to meet her needs as well as our own.

I am not physically exhausted at this moment but I am weary.


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