The Tale of the mysterious BB

Last night, Mikey told me of a story involving the bathroom that he uses. It is a story that apparently goes way back, which for some reason his mother and I were unaware of. This is fairly typical of things around the Koerner house. Not that we were not always involved and omnipresent in the boys’ lives and within the house, but there were often special, unique occurrences of which we had no knowledge.

The pictures seen here depict the end of one of these stories. The end in that I had the gumption to do the unthinkable, that is, to put my hand into the toilet and retrieve the object of the story. In some respects I feel as if I have retrieved the “Holy Grail.” In others, however, I feel totally ridiculous.

When Mikey originally returned home from California, he told me of the story of a BB that had been in the infamous pink toilet of the former master bathroom, now the main bathroom of the house. He said that somehow a BB had gotten in the toilet and would every now and then make an appearance. He said that he was going to watch for it and that he would point it out to me.

So, this morning as MK was preparing for school in the new master bathroom, I headed into the main bathroom to find the toilet seat down and covered with all sorts of things, the replacement toilet paper roll, a small boat Samantha had played with during a recent bath, and something else. I quickly removed the items, for the obvious reasons, and lifted the lid. And there, in the depths of the salmon pink toilet, lies the infamous BB of days past, sitting in its glory.

As a father of three boys, I am far away from the squeamishness of youth, so I pulled back my sleeve and inserted my arm to retrieve the minute piece of metal. I wondered, as I did so, if my aqua dexterity was going to be an issue, but it wasn’t and I quickly pulled out the BB.

I am certainly not sure, at this time, where I am going with this story but I am wondering what to do with the newfound inanimate object found in the toilet. Obviously, I cannot call a taxidermist, but I could find a fine jewelry box to put it in. Perhaps I could use it as a future Christmas gift. I do know that this is going to be the subject of a family dinner in the near future.

I still wonder how it got in there. I guess we shall have to catalogue this with other interesting mysteries around the house. I remember one time that a hole in the wall mysteriously appeared one day with somehow no explanation for its existence. I also recall that the storm window was mysteriously bent out of shape on the upper level without any really good reason that anyone could explain. Then there are the numerous shoes and clothing articles of mine that mysteriously “walk off” never to be seen again. Do you think that the fact that my shoe size and close clothing sizes to those of my boys might have some correlation?

Such is the life of a pretired French teacher.

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