Eating chez les Koerner

I just bought this clock today; I had seen it advertised in the paper this past weekend.  I realized that although I love the clock we have in the kitchen, that it isn’t an easy read therefore the kitchen probably isn’t the best place for it.  I have moved it into the dining area so we can still enjoy it and its beautiful Spanish looks.

I like this clock mostly because of the Italian expression it has on it.  At first, I wanted something French, since they were also on sale.  Once I saw this one and its Italian statement along with the French rooster and some actual French anyway, I was sold.  Besides, Mary Kay’s half Italian parentage status makes it absolutely right for us.

The expression in Italian, “La cucina piccolo fa la casa grande” pretty much sums up one of the tenets of our family, at least a tenet we have been forced to live with.  It means, as far as I can tell, “A small kitchen makes the house larger.”  In our situation the kitchen is the heart of our home and although we have never been truly happy about its size, it has served us well. Whenever we have had people over, they all congregate in the kitchen.  When it has been a question of where to meet and our house has been one of the options, ours is always chosen even when the other situations are on a larger scale.

Our kitchen is one where we have always prided ourselves on the fact that we use the best ingredients possible and cook from scratch whenever possible.  That is why we are all so demanding of the food we put in our bodies and do our utmost to eat well!


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