The picture says it all!

The picture says it all. Samantha’s gift to the Koerner family is moving and growing! Her sniffles have managed to hit just about everyone. A bit of life, that is what it is.

We are thus relegated to fighting the cold that has attacked us. So, this morning, after my coffee, some nice herbal tea was had to make me feel a bit better.

It is Wednesday so I attacked my Wednesday jobs so that I can rest up. I shall use this as an excuse to chill out a bit, that is, if I can pull that off. One slight moment of feeling better and who knows what task I might attack. My normal tasks include watering the plants, removing dead leaves, pulling down the wind up cables of the grandfather clock. I have switched this job to Wednesday from Sunday that way I feel Sunday can be a bit more of a day of rest!

I do have some tutoring to do today, pretty much finish up the pre-finals work that will most assuredly dwindle into little tutoring. That remains to be seen.
It is horribly icy out, the warmer day yesterday was just enough to cause everything to freeze in a sheet of ice. It is snowing lightly.

I just cleaned up some computer files (I have to clean something!) and intend to do something decadent, like read a book or maybe even do something I haven’t done in a long while, do a crossword puzzle.



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