Les Fleurs

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I am convinced that having plants and flowers in the house is a good thing. They not only add to the moisture content of the dry gas forced air house, but they also often purify the air as well. The ones you see here are not, I believe, among those that do, but they psychologically make the winter more bearable. Being surrounded by beauty makes us feel better.

The flowers I am showing here are nothing more than the plants I have with blooms. I have others as well, having inherited somewhat of a green thumb from my mom. Whenever I have had to leave town for extended periods of time, for example, when I have taken students to Europe, I have had to leave extensive instructions for the family regarding these plants. If left to Mary Kay, we would have no plants; she admittedly knows how to kill them with ease. Our sons, although having fooled me for years regarding their plant caring abilities, actually have green thumbs as well.

One of the plants is my Christmas Cactus. It is blooming again, the first time was before Thanksgiving, which is usually when mine blooms. The blooms come because the cold temperature in the house at night makes the buds set. Since I moved the plant after bloomed, to the lower level of the house, it got tricked into blooming again!

So, to brighten up your day, here are some of the bloomers in the house at the present time. The orchids are preparing their blooms as we speak. Since putting them in “violet pots” I have had more luck with them. I almost always have an orchid or two blooming, I keep them in their “bloom preparation station” until they are ready to be brought into the main area of the house for show.

Also, one of the pictures I am showing is of the rose in the rose bowl. I believe that everyone should own a crystal rose bowl. When you cut a bloom and put it in the bowl, it seems to last forever, thus extending the enjoyment of the beauty.


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