The more I think about it, the more ridiculous this post is. Why on earth would someone blog about bacon?

I am blogging about bacon because this bacon is a major icon in the Koerner household. I have mentioned that one of our favorite vacations is to northern Wisconsin. We are explorers when we travel, always looking for the odd, and the unusual. Years ago, on our way up to Eagle River, we had the luck to stop at the Wittenberg, Wisconsin storefront of Nueske’s bacon. I remember picking up some high quality provisions, meats, cheeses, etc. We always ended up with their bacon. It is amazing and once you have tried it, is hard to enjoy the others. We also used to buy cokes in the bottle because they had an old fashioned coke dispenser.

The Potato soup we took pictures of the other day is flavored with this bacon. It is very good, smoked apparently with applewood. This bacon is so good that one time when MK and I were in Savannah, Georgia, we stopped at a restaurant and noticed that very clearly on the menu had been described a burger accompanied by Nueske’s bacon, so obviously, this meat travels around! Also, one time MK made the potato soup and had made some last minute minor changes due to missing ingredients, one being the Nueske’s bacon. She had major family hell to pay for that gaffe; the family has hardly allowed her to forget her making the soup sans Nueske’s!

One thing the Koerners have often talked about is food and diet. We have talked about the current fads of this food being bad for you and that food now being good for you. One thing we have realized through the years is that although some foods are seemingly inherently bad, small amounts of them may well not be so bad for you. I keep thinking of my grandfather who died at ninety-nine, a man who had abused most everything, even food. When I consider the fatty foods that he ingested during his long life, it amazes me. He was a constant mover and never really had any extra weight on his frame. So although bacon may well be a food to avoid, a small amount might just make us happy, and that is important. It is also important to note that thoughts on food seem to follow a cycle so if it is not appreciated now, it may well be again sometime in the future.

We were very excited when we realized that this bacon can now be purchased on the north shore of Chicago, hence its appearance in our house. Mikey is currently feeding his cold with it; I bet that he will feel so much better after his breakfast!


One response to “Bacon

  1. Please deliver the aforementioned bacon to the language lab. Just for scientific research purposes. Okay, just let me know where to buy it locally. It looks perfect.

    …and get well soon. ALL of you.

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