Slushy, icy walks and driveways

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It is barely past seven o’clock and I have already had a rather busy day. Hausherr got up early for some reason, perhaps related to his cold, and got busy early on.

By the time I heard MK stirring, I had already done a blog entry and filed an online application for a job: something about a customer service person for a company north of the city. It seems they want someone with fluency in either French or English. Hey, I have both of those covered, n’est-ce pas?

Once I heard MK moving upstairs, I hit the kitchen, straightened up a bit, put the coffee into action, heated the carafe, bowls, and coffee cups, and got the microwave oatmeal going. By the time she came down, we had a delicious (if I may say so) breakfast of a hearty oatmeal with dried cranberries, pecans, brown sugar, and raisins and good strong hot coffee.

When I finished, I went outside and pushed the almost frozen slushy substance the night had deposited. My worry is that it will freeze as it is, which would make it rather dangerous. Luckily Mr. Snowplow Koerner had been by as we breakfasted to clean up the driveway apron and to tell us that the weather outside was indeed treacherous.

While out there, I had started the car to warm it up and to assure that the windows were not affected by the winter’s work.

Came back in, quite warm indeed, and sat down to enjoy the ticking of the clock, the periodic chimes, the whirring of the furnace, and the dog at my feet. I am finally going to see the paper. Yeah! Mikey is still sleeping peacefully, recovering every minute, one second, one minute, one day at a time…


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