Sleepless in the early morning

Sometimes we all have a sleepless night. I cannot say that this is what I experienced but I went to bed with a cold, wondering how I was going to sleep. I had thought about a hot toddy but didn’t manage to get around to it. Read before going to sleep as usual, and fell into a deep pattern of slumber.
I awoke with a start somewhere around three a.m. wondering what time it was. I was having some trouble with breathing, a stuffy nose, and decided, after a time, to just go downstairs as I didn’t seem to have enough sleep in me to stay in bed.
So, downstairs I go, mind whirring once again. This happens every so often, it hasn’t happened to me in a while. I don’t know what it is, I don’t really feel that sick, but sometimes when I have a cold, I fall into such a deep sleep that I just don’t seem to need as much as I would expect. For most people, I think, the tendency would be to sleep more. Not me.
When I came downstairs, I noticed that I had left the light on in front of the house and the light reflected brilliantly over the slick, icy walkway and driveway. I am sensing that morning travel is going to be rather affected by the weather conditions.
I have thought about coffee, no, I think I shall wait. Hot herbal tea might be nice, but that means I have to get up and make it. I am sitting in my leather recliner with a warm wool afghan on top of me. The grandfather clock is ringing again and it is chiming five o’clock. I guess I am just getting an early start to the day.


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