Ali’s toilette

I am prepared to not be bothered about something. For days now, I kept hearing that Ali needs to be bathed. Ali hasn’t really had a good bath in a long time and frankly, I have been avoiding it. I kept hoping against hope that someone would rise up to the plate and take charge of her. It didn’t happen!

Ali is not the easiest dog to bathe. Although she is about the same size as our previous dog, she is much more difficult. Freckles was much more docile (and far less intelligent) and I was able to put her in the laundry tub. Ali is the queen of squirm and the laundry tub doesn’t work unless there is more than one person there.

I have done the regular bathtub but frankly Ali has her PhD in jumping. This is no surprise as she is a border collie.

So, I resorted to pretty much completely stripping and getting in the master bathroom’s shower stall. Once I got her in, I closed the bedroom door, then closed the bathroom door as I pulled her in, and finally brought her in to the shower. It is an easy walk in and I do believe that she knew what was coming.

Supplied with plenty of mini bacon bit treats, I began the task at hand. I made sure she was plenty wet and then soaped her up with baby shampoo. She was pretty docile and other than having a tough time positioning her to rinse her off, it went well.

Ali has a double coat and the shedding the past several years has been absolutely monumental. Several family members have taken to brushing her. Frankly, I don’t because she has never enjoyed being brushed and I am not willing to risk the bared teeth scenario. Mikey told me there is some new rubber brush out there and I am dying to try it, but so far we have not procured one.

So, I finished up washing her, removed the clumps of fur, attempted to dry her off with the towels I had and made her lie down with a fresh one in the living room. She looks right now like she has been brow beaten. She sure does smell good, though.

I am so happy that I am now “off the hook!”


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