Lazy Monday afternoon

I am sitting in the living room with MK and Mikey as we all play technology geek. I am not sure who is winning. We are all playing on either an iPhone or an iPad and we are biding our time, drinking herbal tea, as we await the moment when we shall throw ourselves into the car for the long two mile drive to Highland Park where we shall see a movie. We decided on True Grit and given the cast I don’t think we can go wrong.

Despite my cold, I am not feeling too bad. Worked out this morning and gave the driveway a quick fluff shovel to clear it off before producing frozen snow tracks. It looks like I may have wasted my time as it seems to be melting on its own.

I am testing out the keypad that goes with the iPad again and it is nothing short of amazing. What the heck did I do before I had this?

My mother has often said that my father would have gone crazy to see all these gadgets. He has been gone well over fifty years and a simple cell phone would probably have put him over the edge.

The clock ticks, we chill, all is well.


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