Monsieur Mundane

I thought I would start out today with a juxtaposition of a French word and an English word.  It totally embodies what is going on in my head and life today.

Got up at six thirty this morning since MK is going in a little later to school. Yesterday she had final exams and managed to grade them already. 

Cleaned up, went downstairs and threw in a load of wash, emptied the dishwasher and before I was even done, Samantha came in the door with her daddy.  She is not feeling all that great today with a runny nose, but she is managing and she is watching a bit of “Flushed Away,” her new favorite movie.  She calls it her “funny movie,” having been introduced to it by Mikey.  Mikey is still in bed, by the way.

We have already sent birthday greeting s to the uncle.  We all hope he has a great day.

Not sure how this day will play out, have no idea what will come to play.  Normally we would have some sort of birthday celebration, but today we are not since he has plans.  We are therefore “playing it by ear.”  Luckily my ears are large enough to make this an easy occurrence!

I have received some nice commentaries from my former students, all on Facebook.  The best part is when they say how fondly they remember my class and several surprised me by saying they majored in French and some are even teaching English in France!  Even better is that some of them are using techniques I had to get the students involved in the learning process.  One thing I used to do was to play my French music from my iPod during passing periods at the entrance to my classroom door, in the hallway.  One day French Rock, the next day, French Rap, etc.  It was a great beginning to a class and had quite an effect on everyone…

I will check in later, Samantha and I are about to get in some play time!

Okay, it is now later, Samantha had a nice nap after seeing Daddy for lunch.  She didn’t want to see him go, which is kind of funny since she likes to play the “I love Mommy more than Daddy” card whenever she can.  Luckily Christian understands that this ploy is meaningless in the scheme of things.  He had played me off against his mother as a child, asking to go to school with me one day.  I remember telling him that it really wasn’t practical and he responded, “I can’t stay with Mommy, I don’t like her!”  Mary Kay always handled stuff like that well, and besides, Christian got back at me one day when he did go to school with me by drawing something on the board and telling my students that it was “Daddy’s bottom.”

I went, worked out, went to Play it Again Sports to exchange my too tight cross country boots for another pair.  Now I am set to ski once I have the moment.

Continuing to work on plans for project MNK’s possessions back to Illinois; we are working on the logistics and trying to figure out how exactly we are going to pull it off.  The questions are:  1) Who is going?  2) When shall this take place  3) What needs to be accomplished  besides the actual move?  4) What reservations do we need to make (airline, car rental, etc.)  There is always something.


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