la Cuisine Koerner


One thing the Koerner family does exceptionally well is to pass time dining together and when I say dine, I mean dine well.

Mary Kay is an excellent mother, cook, best friend, and confidante and agreed with me way back when that we should do our utmost to enjoy our table experience not only with good, wholesome, natural food, but with scintillating, rewarding, and often intellectual conversation. This is not to say that this said conversation is never “heated.”

Consequently, we have put our favorite family recipes in Word format and each family member has a CD of all of them, although not always the most updated one which I have.

Michael suggested that perhaps we need another blog (or piggyback on this one) to be able to showcase, perhaps on a daily basis, some of the things we eat and provide recipes.  Just wondering how the “bloglic” (blog public, lol!) feels about this development. 

Drop me a line…


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