A snowy day

Today is one snowy day, one that pretty much took me by surprise.  I got up and when I came downstairs noticed that the ground was covered with fluffy white matter.  I quickly got the coffee going and headed outside to push the snow aside.  It actually took longer than I had thought although the snow was less than two inches.

Tried to get an appointment for my car and an oil change, that is on for tomorrow.

Did some Facebook, been spending more time on it than I usually have in the past, I am finding that blogging has a direct relationship to it and it seems the more I am blogging, the more I am on Facebook as many Facebookees use the vehicle to make commentaries.

Mike seems to be getting stronger by the day although, honestly, the strength was pretty obvious once he made his commitment to get better.  That is totally and always has been his character although one needs to be careful because once and addict, always an addict.  But we all have to be careful since there are many pitfalls we can all manage to fall into, it is how we deal with and react to them that is the crux of the healthy person.

Mike has been going through the GRE book we purchased to help get ready to take the test in preparation to go to grad school.  His current idea is to get a social work/counseling degree and work in a high school setting.  He and I were going over analogies in preparation for the exam.  Quite the interesting experience, I must say.

I am currently trying to muster the energy to get outside and push some more snow aside, using it to purge my soul of any demons attempting to occupy it.  It is clear to me that in my previous discussion of the analogy of the roller coaster and the family that familial-wise we are still not in one of life’s moments where we are totally moving in upward direction and appropriately happy.  Twinges here and there of issues relating to differences among family members continue to appear here and there.  Tears and anxiety are sometimes evident in phone conversations and individual meetings.  So, as with sobriety, it is the policy of one day at a time.

I am going out there, enough of this …


One response to “A snowy day

  1. Hey,
    Loyola has graduate school counseling and social work programs, if your son ever has any questions, have him contact me (mbryant@luc.edu ).

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