Hausherr returns

For some reason, I feel more like things are settling down on what is now day eight of DBC.  When MK’s alarm went off I flew with a vengeance into an explosion of morning energy.  Cleaned up and went downstairs and started the first load of wash.  In order to do so, I had some folding of clothes to do from the wooden racks in the lower level of the house.  I soon realized that I was in over my head in terms of timing as MK would need to have breakfast and leave for work, so I left things midstream and fed the dog, went upstairs and started the coffee. The kitchen needed my attention as we had somewhat left things in more disarray than normal due to our chilling out and then  going to the nursing home for Grandma’s ninetieth birthday celebration.

The celebration went well as all the boys and their significant others (except for Mikey who is not currently in one) met at the nursing home.  We had a great time as Grandma got to enjoy her homemade coconut meringue pie.  She loved her flowers and gifts and thoroughly enjoyed Samantha who made sure to run up to her and give her big hugs and say she loves her, “Wuv you!”  I usually get her to say the same in French and she says, “t’aime” to my “je t’aime.”

Anyway, I was in a flurry of activity because Samantha arrives around seven and I wanted to have just about everything under control by that time. She arrived on schedule and I still have things going on but I shall be able to attack them little by little during the day.  We are having a “Happy Feet” moment and I am about to get her some “num nums” and some milk.

MK and I talked ;ast night about going to an Al-Anon meeting tonight if she can swing it.  Finals are closing coming up at her high school and this is the crunch moment.  I told her I would go alone this week if she cannot make it.  Mikey went to an AA meeting at the clinic to show solidarity with some of the guys as well before coming to Grandma K’s birthday party.

Samantha and I did hung the wash and straightened up a few things before hitting the Lego Duplo train set.  Played with a bit and then Mikey woke up. 

We played at the train for the remainder of the morning.  We had a great time, our only differences arose when Samantha didn’t want to respond to my questioning of her and was ignoring me, all while she was sitting in my lap!  She is always very attentive in that area but at this moment she wasn’t into it.  I have always felt that children should learn early on to be able to respond when spoken to, in my head, it is not only a good habit but also one that is a safety issue.  Let’s say, for example, that in a mall a little one let’s go of a parental hand and is in the crowd.  Not answering is a great danger.  As a teacher, I cannot tell you how many times a young person just couldn’t focus on the question at hand.  Samantha and I quickly worked it out and after a few short tears was back to normal.  Children need to test the parameters as they grow up and Samantha is quite an expert, in a good way, of that. 

Samantha took a nap and I left Mikey with her and hit the gym.  Mikey provided me with a shopping list and I went to the grocery store right afterward.  I spent more time there than I normally would, usually I fly in, scurry around, pick up what I need, and head for the checkout and then out the door.  Today I was doing coupons, something I don’t do all that often but the coupons I had were quite sizable and so I took the time and the trouble.

After a three hour nap, Samantha got up and I immediately got into running around the house again.  Mikey, by this time, was at the gym with his older brother and we realized, by the time he got home, that he wouldn’t have the quality time to put dinner together that he had originally planned on.  We all had a taste for a burger so we went to the new Five Guys Burger and Fries in the area.

Now, chilling watching some TV…Al-Anon is for another day, but it IS going to happen.


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