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Everyone knows of the French German thing.  We all know that there is no love lost between the two groups.  Then again, there are numerous groups that don’t always see eye to eye or just don’t get along.  The list is probably endless.

I was looking at this “Smoker,” a cute wooden object made in Germany.  Looking at the lettering on the cheese, it just struck me that something was slightly awry.  I knew that the spelling of the cheese was incorrect on this representation of a Frenchman done by a German.  I just keep wondering how this “mistake” came about.

We know that the Germans are perfectionists.  We know they are smart.  The smoker was made in Germany and probably reproduced more than hundreds of times.  How is it that the spelling of the national French cheese, “camembert” was done incorrectly?  It is hard to believe that the Germans don’t have good quality control.  So, what exactly were they thinking of accomplishing?  They most assuredly knew what they were doing.

This smoker is one of many wooden objects we have collected in the Koerner household.  We have a bunch of nutcrackers, miscellaneous decorations, and smokers.  The smokers are interesting in that they come apart at the middle and you can place an incense cone there, light it, and watch the smoke come out of the pipe, the mouth, the whatever, in an intriguing way.  One thing we have found is that you need high quality incense, usually German, for the best effect.  Hmm, makes me think that perhaps it might be fun and useful to do that right now…later!

Darn!  I was going to light some incense in the French smoker and I find that the Germans have tricked me!  Quelle surprise for the French teacher.  It is a plot!  It is really a nutcracker and I didn’t even realize it!


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