Day Two of Daddy Boot Camp

Today is the last day I shall sit by the Christmas tree in the morning.  No coffee this morning, I have already finished it and I am wary of adding any more caffeine to my system.  I have been religiously following my doctor’s advice about checking my blood pressure and yesterday was not good.  I could actually feel the pressure and although my blood pressure measured just slightly above the margin for normalcy, it was making me uneasy.  Then my son informed me that in the clinic, that he had the same issue and realized that he (my other son is apparently the same way) was holding his breath while being checked and it “skyrocketed” the reading.  I tried calmer, deeper breathing and it sure did make a difference.  One always has something to learn.  It makes me wonder why no one ever told me this.  Nonetheless, I am not feeling the need for coffee.

Yesterday was easy and tough.  There were glitches along the way as with anything.  One cannot foresee all the ramifications, but the ones I expected were all there in their shining glory.  We worked them through as a family, finally reaching a steak dinner of celebration which was not as planned.  Not as planned because my coupons for the local steak retreat printed out with a different address, which confused me.  Then my phone calls in for an early reservation came to naught and I found myself confused.  Finally, I received an e-mail telling me that they had lost their lease and were closed.  Further research filled us in that the last day of December was their last day of business.  That was a disappointment to me.  So we headed out elsewhere.  The recession has hit again and the overpriced local rental situation for business has taken yet another toll.  When will this end?

The discussion we had with Michael before heading to bed was a good one.  All day long we had been informally strategizing various things we need to do to complete the move from California.  Little by little things are continuing to surface and be dealt with and we have some ideas as how to proceed.  Meanwhile we are dealing with the immediate issues.  Michael explained all sorts of things about addiction and about how his situation had occurred.  He is putting closure to certain parts of his life and he works on his health, both mental and physical.  He is happy to be home with his family and wants to be a bigger part of this life.  The most telling moments of the day were those he spent with Samantha.  The minute we walked in the door of the house, she was there with her Daddy and she immediately sat in his lap, and remained there for a long time, this is something she never does.  All day long, she made sure that she paid attention to everyone, but gave him the most quality time of all.

Today I am pulling down the decorations, at least as much as I can without overdoing it.  I have already pulled down many things and will be taking a trip to the crawlspace to pull out the plastic containers to store the items for next year.  I usually leave out the holiday China and mugs for a few more weeks and my mom’s ceramic Christmas tree.  It allows for a smooth transition into the doldrums of January.

We still have a few birthdays to celebrate, one being my mom’s 90th, this coming weekend.  Mary Kay intends to make her a birthday pie, coconut cream and another pie for those who don’t like coconut.  For some reason, unbeknownst to us, coconut is usually not a favorite of the younger generation. 

Although I am still somewhat uneasy with all the goings on, I am pretty much at peace with how things played out.  We have a long journey and I realize that Michael isn’t the only one who is healing.  We have to concentrate on everyone.


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