Day Fourteen, rehab and Day One of Daddy Boot Camp (DBC)

I woke up around four forty-five am, wondering whether I should throw myself out of bed, wondering whether sleep was going to retake me or if I was being forced to a wakeful state. I managed to remain in bed until the MK snooze alarm fest somewhere in the vicinity of five thirty or so.  Got up, cleaned up, straightened up some and went downstairs.  Temperature in the kitchen was fifty-two; we hadn’t yet reached the time when the thermostat would kick in at sixty-six or so.  I threw it up to a high sixty-eight and went about my business.

Cleaned up a bit in the kitchen, set the coffee to on and got things ready for breakfast, putting all the necessities on the tray to take to the dining room.  Turned on the tree lights and took the final recycling out and moved the car so MK could extricate hers from the driveway when she left.  School is back in session.  Kids have German to learn!  Sat down with my coffee in the cup I had to warm up in the microwave so it wouldn’t chill my coffee too fast.

I am wondering if this is going to be my daily event, hitting the laptop bright and early in the morning.  What I mean here is, writing in this blog.  Am I going to feel the need/urge to write as I work toward my own personal deal with the new paradigm in the Koerner family?

Off to have breakfast with MK.  I shall be back.

I thought about taking my blood pressure.  When I had my physical last week, the doctor was almost crazed with the idea of my taking meds to counteract my situation.  She is a great doctor, very wholistic in approach, and I respect her, but she doesn’t seem to understand that I really do have White Coat Syndrome.  Therefore, the blood pressure is taken each day so I can prove to her that my BP is actually not an issue.  So far, every time I have been borderline, but within range.  As I mentioned before, perhaps my current stress might be the reason?

We didn’t see Mike yesterday, but we did talk to him, he was fine.  We ended up the latter part of the day with Samantha as her parents went out to dinner alone and then to a movie.  Those moments are precious and for young couples they can be passed by.  Babysitters and such are expensive; add in to that the recession and how it has hit us all.  So, I got some “French time” with her and MK got some much needed “Sam time” as well.

Mike explained to me that I should pick him up around ten am or so.  He said that that would be after a meeting and that they were planning a special send off for him anyway.  His only request is that we go to Dear Franks, the local hot dog joint that is a Deerfield habit.  Mike said that California just didn’t have the great gooey, warm, spreadable cheddar cheese that we have in such abundance in the Chicago area (and so close to Wisconsin).  He really missed it…  The people who run the place are not the original owners but they have been so gracious and inviting that they have managed to surpass the original status of the fast food establishment.  They have done it to the extent that they have even opened up more in the area.  They are successful and they deserve it!

Mike talked about going to the gym with me; I am going early and swimming because I am not sure if this day will allow for a work out. 

Daddy Boot Camp is a funny thing and this is day one of it.  I may have mentioned this before that when the boys were alone with me; MK would come home to find a somewhat more regimented set up in the household upon her return.  She would call it Daddy Boot Camp.  Obviously each parent has a particular style and mine is a bit more organized because that is my nature.  The family realizes that my being home and MIkey returning means that the DBC is once again functional.  Mike is okay with this and we shall soon see how this works with a twenty-six year old.

In case one wonders what the heck is going on as I use different appellations for Michael, it is frankly because, more often than not, that is a Koerner thing.  You don’t find it so much with Christian or with Richie, but Michael found himself called all sorts of nicknames.  In this entry alone, I have used Michael, Mike, and Mikey.  Most of the time, I call him Mikey and he is fine with that, he is fine with all three, but Michael actually has a list of over twenty nicknames that I actually have saved in a Microsoft Word document.  His brothers had more nicknames for him that one could possibly imagine. I thought about an entry with all his nicknames, but I thought again…

I am heading off to the gym, it is almost seven thirty and, hey, the day is young.  I am wondering how this day is going to pan out.

Swam for an hour, showered, and then headed out to Waukegan.  Picked  up Mikey around 10:15.  We headed home, stopping at Target for incidentals and then finally home.  Christian and Samantha were there for us waiting. 

We had lunch.  Things were a bit tense as we discussed some of the things that had gone on in his absence regarding his welfare.  It is obvious that things are not going to be as easy as we had thought.  He is not in agreement with all of the choices we have made.  We have made them oh so carefully, knowing full well that they might not be all that popular with him.

He and Christian left me at home watching Samantha (or being there while she napped) while they went to play ice hockey somewhere.  The ice situation has been questionable (as are a lot of things) and  we are taking one thing at a time.


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