Happy New Year’s Eve!

It is about 5:15 in the late afternoon and I am sitting with the laptop, cleaning up my blog articles and freezing!  I guess my attempts to be economical are working, that thermostat is doing its job.

Just had word from Michael, new arrivals at the treatment center and they are having pizza for dinner.  In just several short days, these thoughts will be nothing but a memory, or should I say, “Nightmare?”

We are doing what we usually do on New Year’s Eve, celebrating in a low key way.  We are going out for an early dinner to Highwood, the local restaurant capital in the area to be followed by dessert at a friend’s house.  In total, three couples are going to this event, it should be nice, and as I stated, low key.

“Huffy Mommy,” as we call Mary Kay came to the rescue of my mom’s ongoing silly issues in the nursing home. The nursing home, per se, has been amazing in their treatment of my mom.  She has had some dental trauma which goes back to September 4th, a day which shall go down in infamy.  On that day a situation occurred which we had been trying to stave off since we brought my mom to the Chicago area.  The situation was due to a tooth which fell out, she finally had to have the upper teeth removed in preparation for dentures since there wasn’t anything left of strength for another and/or better partial. I had checked this out with our dentist, who had been working on my mother’s mouth since we got her to move here. He agreed that if that particular tooth was no longer in her mouth, that there would be no other choice.

So, on September 4th, my mom had her teeth removed. Honestly, it made us sick!  I had worked it out with the dentist and understood that my mom would have the dentures (upper) by Thanksgiving.  She stated that once the teeth were removed, about a month for healing, then an impression of her mouth, followed by a month to create the dental hardware.  To make a long story short, my mom, who complained little if at all, did not get her new “teeth” until yesterday.  I have called this dentist (who doesn’t always return calls) and the nursing home more than once.  Mary Kay got involved this week following up on my not getting a return phone call from the good dentist.  Despite Dr. Johansson being on “vacation,” she came in yesterday to try out the dentures. The good dentist, however, has a reputation for not writing notes and keeping the nursing staff informed as to what she is doing and they knew nothing about the dentist’s visit.  The dentist did return Mary Kay’s call and said that she had, in fact, put them in my mom’s mouth and left them there for some forty minutes to see how they were.  The nursing staff knew nothing and they finally checked for the missing teeth to find them in mom’s mouth (she had slept all night in them).  Thus ends a portion of my mom’s dental saga.  Dr. Johansson told me that my mom needed a new partial on the bottom and explained that it would cost about $1300 for it.  I told her to go ahead.  I can say this openly that she will be getting a lot of installments before that partial is paid for!  Poor Dr. Johansson, having to deal first with my phone wrath on a voicemail message, to be followed by one from MK, to be followed by MK’s verbal chastising for pretty much not doing her job…

Thus ends quite a crazy year…


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