White Coat Syndrome

For my hundredth entry into my blog, I have chosen a subject near and dear to my heart and blood vessels, blood pressure.  I had my annual physical today.  As usual, I tried to mentally prepare myself as I, more often than not, have to deal with my usual reaction, WHITE COAT SYNDROME!  I did breathing exercises, tried to physically relax, listened to calming music, and once again, to no avail, my blood pressure went up. So, she hooked up the electrodes for the EKG, pronounced me fine and then puts the sleeve on my arm, pumped it up and…  For the first time, my doctor looked me straight in the eyes and said before she ran to take a call, “It is time for you take medication!”  I had a chance to ponder the scene as she was talking, I just don’t want medication.

MK has been lording it over me that I take daily medication.  Not that she shouldn’t since I can be a bit of a pain at times.  She takes nothing; I have to take a daily pill for acid reflux.  A stupid disease, that acid reflux, one that we only became aware that I had since I was coughing and clearing my throat and MK made me go to the doctor.  The doctor said it was either allergy or acid reflux.  I took some allergy meds and no change, antacids and things did the trick.  Having been reactively allergic in my younger days, I thought that was the answer.  As it happens, acid issues are familiar to the Koerners, my mom, my grandmother, my sister, and now me!

Adding another med besides my acid, oh, yes, and my anti-cholesterol meds (forgot that) is really more than I want, and besides who wants the side effects of the hypertension meds?

So, the good doctor walks back in and I remind her that I have always suffered from the infamous WCS.  She looks at me and says that I have a one month reprieve, but the downside is that I have to pull out my annoying blood pressure monitor from Walgreen’s Drug Store and take my blood pressure for a month.  I am to choose different times of the day, at my whim.  She never even told me what my BP was when she measured it.  So, I came home, had lunch and took my blood pressure, 114/68, well within normalcy, go figure, but hey, I have WCS.

I am just wondering if any of my current stresses may have had a part to play in my medical situation today.  Is that possible?  Anyway, now I have added another fun task to add to the others of my daily life. I wonder if Mary Kay would mind if I pumped up at the dinner table?


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